Why this course?

Naval architects and marine engineers are the world’s greatest moving structures and most powerful sectors dealing with many ships & yachts, offshore wind turbines and oil platforms.

SAMS Maritime Business School aims to create engineers able to deal with challenges in engineering on a vast range of naval vehicles, with featured skills and understanding significance of marine engineering on their innovative design, construction, repair, and maintenance. We provide knowledge core naval architecture subjects as well as range of featured marine engineering programs.



  • We provide additional support and development for those students do not naturally ask for guidance.
  • Enhance our students with high knowledge and achievements to help academic students.
  • Improve camaraderie.


Course Details:     

Naval architecture is a branch of engineering dealing with construction and design of naval vehicles. This course will generate skilled students with enhanced technical knowledge of engineering, physics and materials science. Naval architects should have an undergraduate or graduate degree in naval architecture or marine engineering.

B.Sc. Naval Architecture is designed to get wide range of knowledge in Naval Architecture and so that after completion of the degree, our students will be capable of getting  Engineer/managerial positions in both Government and private Shipyards, Ship Design workplace, Boatyards and Offshore companies all over the world.


Careers and job opportunities:

With high knowledge of analytical, problem-solving, Naval Architecture, Our graduates will be well trained to a wide range of career opportunities.

Our students may find many job opportunities in sectors like

  • Naval design.
  • Oil and gas – sub sea.
  • On-shore/off-shore ship classification.
  • Technical services and engineering consulting.