The Logistic is management about flow of goods & services in between the origin point and consumption point that should meet the customer’s requirements.

SAMS Maritime Business School is one of the Pioneer Business Schools offering B.Com Shipping and Logistic Course with best atmosphere.  We provide value based education in a best way and our students are well educated by the highly qualified faculties. Our main objective is to create Logistics Professionals by providing fresh graduates and executives working to cater to the job needs of the Logistics & Shipping.

Course Details:

The program on Shipping & Logistic offered by SAMS Maritime Business School provides guidelines and intellectual knowledge about Logistics and Supply Chain Management along with B.Com course .The learning outcome and main content of this course would make students possible to continue their Careers in Logistics in addition to sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Retail Management and Financial management.

Supply Chain Management program provides skills to solve complex Business problems related to products and services from suppliers to end customers. Students will acquire specialized knowledge and skills required for managing and improving the Design integration, resources and requirements of customers.

Career prospects and job opportunities:

B.Com Shipping & Logistic course is designed to meet the requirements of the shipping and Logistics sectors. Of course shipping industry is the best recruiter of graduates.

Our students may find various jobs in the following work sectors.

  • Shipping Companies
  • Ports and Harbours
  • Consultation Agencies
  • MNCs and Business Houses


We provide our best and friendly growth oriented atmosphere for our students. Admissions here are based on merits. Contact the office for application form and admission.