The Indian logistics zone growth is based on the relationship of infrastructure & technology and is determined by the revolutionary growth of E-commerce that is leading to Logistics Corporation having new innovations.

SAMS Maritime Business School provide powerful stress on interactive & focused learning strategies, including case studies and simulation exercises in Shipping Administration. BBA Shipping and Administration course will provide industries where job opportunities are very high. This course is a management education course that has significance on shipping business. This program is designed mainly to provide the students on the Shipping & Business management.


Features of the course: The BBA in Shipping and Administration has been designed to provide students the skills to meet the organization’s requirements in the Shipping and Logistics, so that students would have a fundamental skills in theoretical dimensions of business management in addition to understanding the practical knowledge of the concepts in the chosen field of Shipping and Logistics domain. Our focus is on building the basics in the core knowledge and we train the students for excel in computing and communication skills.

SAMS Maritime Business School provide students greater flexibility to select their alternative career paths. Significance is placed on logistics and supply chain management courses, so that Students can opt for skills and specialization in Retail logistics and Manufacturing logistics.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Shipping and Administration provides a comprehensive knowledge of business & management functions. SAMS Maritime Business School trains the students to learn leadership quality and we improve their problem solving capabilities that are very much needed in today’s competitive world and In addition to that we provide management skills that are needed for Business Administration at very early stage.

Career prospects and job opportunities:

BBA Shipping and Administration course is designed to meet the requirements of the shipping and Business Administration sectors.

Our students may find many jobs in the following work sectors.

  • Shipping Companies
  • Ports and Harbours
  • Consultation Agencies
  • MNCs and Business Houses