• Demonstrate competency in written and spoken English.
  • Apply the scientific method.
  • Apply fundamental concepts in management.
  • Be technologically proficient.
  • Gather, analyze, and interpret information.
  • Demonstrate competency in their major.
  • Explore and experience career paths in their program of study.
  • Develop skills to motivate others to achieve a common goal.

About SAMS B School

SAMS B SCHOOL is promoted by SAMS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS which as wide exposure in education sector through management of college, school and skill development center. The present B school is one more feather in the cap of SAMS Group catering to Maritime Management studies.

SAMS scanned the external environment for the opportunities already existing and is likely to emerge in near future in Maritime Industry.  The globalization of Trade and the significant role of maritime trade in logistical solutions are the guiding factors for designing the courses.

Further, SAMS understands the need for imparting quality education at affordable cost to domestic and International student community and has brought out innovative program to meet all educational needs.SAMS B School accommodates vide spectra of  students’ aspirations through  Undergraduate Degree, Post Graduate Program, Post Graduate Diploma, Diploma and Certificate programs with varying time frame and program content.

The objective of the SAMS program is to promote industry-institute linkage by designing the program to suit industry needs.  With this in mind, the program consists of projects in which the students will undergo on the job training in one of the industries and will attain practical experience.

The curriculum is designed to impart knowledge through state of the art innovative teaching methods. The students are well served by qualified Faculties drawn from academic and industry fields.  SAMS arranges for guest lectures from eminent personalities from respective field of excellence to educate the students on latest developments and motivate the students to seek higher levels of performance by such exposure.

The curriculum consists of innovative approaches like Group Discussions, Seminars, Ship/Port visits, On the Job training(OJT) in addition to regular lectures.  SAMS B School strongly believes in achieving the desired results through dedicated academic efforts and in preparing the student to meet the challenges ahead with confidence.


The vision of SAMS B School is to provide the best maritime related education to domestic and global student community.


The mission of SAMS B SCHOOL is to provide a quality education focused on maritime related programs. The curriculum will empower students to take on leadership roles, encourage rigorous self-discipline, promote curiosity, and provide graduates with the skills, ethics, and knowledge needed to succeed in the global competition.